Application Procedures

1. Identify a Local 481 Sponsor

All Applicants require a Local 481 Sponsor.

SPONSORS MUST BE IN GOOD STANDING at the time of this application and have been a member of Local 481 for a minimum of the 24 consecutive months prior to the date of sponsorship. Further the sponsor’s primary craft must be the same craft as the applicant’s desired primary craft. In the case where the applicant’s Local 481 Sponsor is not a member of the applicant’s primary craft, the Sponsor must appear at the next scheduled Local 481 Executive Board meeting to ask for a waiver of this specific application provision.  The waiver is subject to approval by the Local 481 Executive Board. 

2. Request that an Application be sent to you from the Local 481 office.

Applications will only be sent when an eligible Local 481 Sponsor is identified and has been confirmed by the Local 481 office. APPLICATIONS MUST BE SENT BY US MAIL. THEY CAN NOT BE FAXED OR EMAILED 

3. Required Documentation

You must provide the following documentation with your application:

1. Proof of Residency

Provide copies of Proof of Residency within the Local 481 geographical jurisdiction for a minimum of 18 months (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont) The three required documents to verify residency are the following:

a. A valid Driver’s License from a state in the jurisdiction of Local 481,

b. A utility (gas, electric, phone, cable) or credit card bill or statement issued within 60 days of the application and with the Applicant's name and local address on it, AND

c. ONE of the following 3 documents:

     1. Voter Registration Card

     2. A home lease to a property in the jurisdiction

     3. Homeownership documents for a property within the jurisdiction

IMPORTANT: If you have NOT lived within Local 481 jurisdiction for 18 months, you must request a waiver from the Executive Board in writing with the application. A letter requesting the waiver must accompany your application and must:

a. Ask permission to waive the 18 month residency requirement;

b. State that your principle residence is the address within Local 481 jurisdiction that appears on your application; and

c. Explain your reasons for moving to the jurisdiction and your intentions for staying.

The waiver is subject to the approval of the Executive Board

PLEASE NOTE: If you have not lived in the jurisdiction for the required 18 months and are submitting a letter requesting the waiver of that requirement, your Local 481 Sponsor MUST attend the Executive Board at which your application is being considered.

2. Work History

The following document must be provided:

A. Verifiable Resume of your work history, education and/or relevant experience. Your resume must indicate a minimum of 30 days of work within the 24 months immediately preceding this application in the Primary and Secondary craft in which you are applying or that is directly related to the craft in which you are applying.

B. Proof of the 30 days of work experience for each craft in which you are applying. Proof of payment of wages for that work must include copies of paycheck stubs, W-2 forms, or 1099s. Letters from Employers will only be accepted as proof when they include the precise dates of work, a description of the exact work performed, the method of compensation, and are either accompanied by a form of proof of payment or are signed by the Employer and notarized.

3. Professional References

Provide THREE (3) signed letters of professional reference. References must be a minimum of 75 words in length.

TWO (2) references must be from Local 481 members in good standing who have been members of Local 481 for a minimum of 24 consecutive months prior to the reference. Your Sponsor may be one of your two Local 481 references.

ONE (1) reference must be from a prior employer, superior/supervisor, co-worker or peer, and must include category and/or classification and length of employment. 

4. Payment

Include a check or money order, payable to IATSE Local 481, for $1375 which includes the following:

1. IATSE Application Fee (Non-refundable) $100.00 $100.00
2. Initiation Fee  $1200.00 $1200.00
3. First Quarters Dues (1/4 of $300 Annual Dues) $75.00 $75.00
Total:  $1375.00

5. MAIL your complete application package to:


IATSE Local 481
Attn: Membership
10 Tower Office Park, Suite 218
Woburn, MA 01801



6. Notification

You will be notified upon receipt of your COMPLETE application. Please note: While an applicant, if you are called to work on a production in a Local 481 represented craft, you must notify the Local 481 office immediately.

All Applicants MUST be voted on by the general membership at the quarterly membership meetings.  Applications must be received by the office no later than the following dates for each quarter:

1st Quarter Membership Meeting – Deadline for application: December 1st

2nd Quarter Membership Meeting – Deadline for application: March 1st

3rd Quarter Membership Meeting – Deadline for application: June 1st

4th Quarter Membership Meeting – Deadline for application: September 1st


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IATSE Local 481
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